Think of it as the unwritten guidebook that turns your experience from good to legendary. Buckle up for an inside look at yacht etiquette. Trust me, you'll want to read this before you set sail.

Cameron Chittick
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1. The Captain and Crew

The Unsung Heroes of Your Sea Odyssey

First things first, the captain and crew aren't just your holiday staff; they're your sea guardians. With a treasure trove of maritime knowledge, they navigate you through open waters and hidden coves. You're not just on a boat; you're in a unique social universe guided by these pros.

Treat the yacht as your own slice of floating paradise, because the crew wants nothing more than to see you luxuriating in it. Whether it's a cozy vessel with just a captain and a single crew member or a floating mansion with dozens, remember: the captain's the maestro, orchestrating a safe and mesmerizing experience for you.

2. Safety Briefings

Your Prequel to Adventure

Don't roll your eyes when the safety briefing starts. It's like the trailers before your favorite movie, setting the stage for what's to come. And hey, it's the law. This isn't just for show; it's about keeping you snug and sound, especially if you've got little adventurers on board.

3. Guest List

Your Ticket to a Seamless Soiree

Ever thrown a party and run out of chips and dip? Imagine that, but on a yacht. Not cool. So, give your crew a heads up about who's coming to your floating fiesta. This isn't just courtesy; it's your key to ensuring there's enough gourmet grub and bubbly to go around. Elevate your status as the ultimate host without awkward "oops, we're out of hors d'oeuvres" moments.

4. Kids Aboard?

Keep an Eye on Your Little Buccaneers

The crew's there to make your trip magical, but they're not nannies. If you're planning to sip champagne on the sun deck while the kids hunt for make-believe treasure, consider bringing a babysitter. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later.

5. Footwear Fiesta

Deck-Friendly or Barefoot Chic

Ever walked into a house and been asked to take off your shoes? Same concept here, but way cooler. Most luxury yachts have a "shoes-off" policy to keep their plush decks pristine. But don't worry, boat shoes are the exception—think of them as the VIPs of the yacht footwear world. Leave the stilettos and sneakers for the shore.

6. Luggage Lowdown

Soft is the New Chic

You're not moving in, but you are going to want to stash some stuff. So, opt for soft luggage that can easily fold away. Space on a yacht is like beachfront property—highly desirable and not to be wasted.

7. Share Your Whereabouts

It's Not Stalking, It's Caring

Planning to dive into those crystal-clear waters or jet-ski around the bay? Let someone know. Whether it's a fellow guest or a crew member, keeping the team in the loop isn't just polite—it's vital for your safety. You're not on a deserted island; you're part of a sea-faring community that looks out for one another.

8. Local Laws

When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do

Thinking of lighting up or popping open a bottle? Hold on a sec. Laws change as you cross borders, even maritime ones. The crew's job isn't just to serve; they're obligated to keep things legal. So, ask before you act. It's better to know than to assume and get into hot water—unless it's a hot tub, of course.

Final Thoughts

Sail Like a Pro, Enjoy Like a King

The rules aren't there to cramp your style; they're the unsung recipe for a trip you'll be telling stories about for years to come. Dive into this experience with the respect it deserves, and you'll not just be a guest; you'll be a yacht aficionado in no time. So, ready to set sail on the trip of a lifetime?


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