Yacht Charter: Frequently Asked Questions

What types of yacht charters do you offer?

We list a diverse range of yacht charters on our platform, all fully crewed to ensure a memorable and premium experience. Our selection includes various sizes and styles to cater to individual preferences, from cozy, intimate yachts for private getaways to grand, luxurious vessels perfect for larger parties and events.

How can I book a yacht?

Booking a yacht through our platform is straightforward. Each listing provides all the necessary details about the yacht, including price, capacity, and amenities. Once you've found a yacht that suits your needs, you can contact the owner directly through our platform to confirm availability and finalize your booking.

What is included in the yacht charter price?

The charter price generally includes the cost of hiring the fully crewed yacht and fuel. It also covers access to the yacht's standard amenities, as listed on the yacht's individual page.

What areas of Mexico do your yacht charters cover?

Our yacht charters span all major yachting areas across Mexico. From the lively Pacific Coast to the serene Baja Peninsula, and the vibrant Caribbean side, our platform offers you a broad spectrum of fantastic locations to choose from for your yachting adventure.

What kind of qualifications do I need to charter a yacht?

No specific qualifications are necessary to charter a yacht through our platform. Each yacht comes fully crewed with experienced professionals who manage navigation, safety, and onboard services, allowing you to relax and enjoy your journey.

What kind of amenities are on the yachts?

Amenities vary depending on the yacht. These typically include comfortable accommodations, modern bathrooms, well-equipped kitchens, lounging areas, and often entertainment systems. Detailed information about each yacht's amenities can be found on the individual listing page.

Can I customize my itinerary?

Absolutely. Our platform enables you to design your itinerary, subject to safety guidelines and local regulations. Discuss your plans directly with the yacht owner to ensure your charter experience aligns with your vision.

What should I pack for a yacht charter?

Pack light, breathable clothing, swimwear, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and any personal medication. Although most yachts provide basic toiletries, you may wish to bring your own, especially if you prefer specific brands.

What are your policies on cancellations and refunds?

Cancellation and refund policies are set by each individual yacht owner. Make sure to discuss these details with the owner during the booking process to avoid any confusion later.

Are pets allowed on the yacht?

Each yacht's pet policy is up to the owner. If you plan to bring a pet, please check the yacht's listing or discuss it directly with the owner when booking.

Do you offer any special packages or discounts?

Special packages and discounts depend on the individual yacht owner. Check the yacht's listing for any current offers or discuss directly with the owner for potential deals.

What kind of safety measures are in place on your yachts?

Safety is paramount on all our listed yachts. Each comes with the necessary safety equipment, including life jackets, life rafts, fire extinguishers, and first-aid kits. Moreover, all crews have been trained in safety procedures.

What if I have never sailed before?

That's not a problem! Each yacht is fully crewed, meaning you don't need any sailing experience. The professional crew will take care of all sailing aspects, leaving you to simply enjoy the journey.

How is the weather in Mexico for yachting?

Mexico boasts a warm climate that's generally suitable for yachting throughout the year. However, certain areas have specific peak seasons, and weather conditions can vary. Please consider this when planning your charter.

What is the maximum number of guests allowed on a charter?

The maximum number of guests depends on the size and capacity of the yacht. You can find this information on the yacht's individual listing page.

What about food and drinks, are they provided?

Information about food and drinks can be found on the individual yacht's listing. All multi-day charters will have gourmet food service with an onboard private chef. Many day charters will have food service but may vary depending on the length of your charter stay. Some owners may provide catering services as an add-on service.

Can we arrange for special events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. on the yacht?

Absolutely. You can even filter yachts by the types of occasions that they a great for. Most yacht owners are happy to accommodate special events. Please add your special request to the booking request form when requesting the charter..

Is insurance included or do I need to arrange my own?

All yachts listed on our platform are insured by their respective owners, giving you peace of mind during your charter experience. Therefore, clients don't need to arrange for additional insurance coverage.

Are there any age restrictions for chartering a yacht?

In general, all ages are welcome on our yacht charters, provided minors are accompanied by an adult. However, it's best to check the specific age policies on the yacht's listing or discuss with the yacht owner.

What is the expected tip range for yacht charters in Mexico?

Tipping is customary in the yachting industry and is a way to show your appreciation for the crew's service. In Mexico, the customary tipping range is usually 10-20% of the charter fee, but it's ultimately at your discretion based on the service quality you received.

Whatever you have in mind, let us know and we will make it happen.