So you're ready to claim your spot as the monarch of the Mexican Caribbean, eh? Well, you're in for a treat because Cancun is basically a playground for yacht enthusiasts. From dazzling coral reefs to sun-drenched islands, this place is bursting with adventures just waiting for you. Let's dive into the top 21 things to do on a one-day private yacht charter in Cancun. Ready to anchor away?

Cameron Chittick
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1. Sunrise Viewing

Why not be the first to greet the sun as it paints the sky? Choose a spot near Isla Mujeres for the ultimate show.

2. Artful Snorkeling at MUSA

Imagine swimming through an art gallery where the sculptures breathe life—literally! MUSA is an underwater museum that's unlike anything else.

3. Oceanfront Breakfast

You could have breakfast in bed, but why not have it on the sea? With a chef onboard, the sky's the limit—or should we say, the ocean?

4. Nature Vibes at El Garrafon Park

Here, you could snorkel, kayak, or just float your cares away.

5. Mayan Reef Exploration

If you're a fan of all things under the sea, why not drop anchor at the world's second-largest coral reef?

6. Jet Ski Joyride

For the speed junkies, add a jet ski into the mix and feel the thrill as you zoom over the water.

7. Culinary Pitstop at Playa Norte

Whether you bring the kitchen to the beach or go ashore for local treats, you're in for a culinary ride.

8. Sip and Chill

Deckside cocktail, anyone? Having a personal bartender means your favorite drink is just a request away.

9. Reel It In

If you fancy catching your own dinner, some yachts are equipped for fishing.

10. Paddleboarding Adventure

Ready to stand up to the challenge? Try paddleboarding at a beach of your choice.

11. Sunset Yoga Session

Connect with yourself as you salute the setting sun. Could there be a more zen way to close the day?

12. Shipwreck Scuba Dive

Ever seen a shipwreck up close? Here’s your chance, and you never know what marine friends you might meet.

13. Secluded Beach Feast

Opt for a private picnic on a secluded beach—no crowds, just bliss.

14. Spot the Dolphins

The sea’s most playful residents often make an appearance. Be sure to wave!

15. Cenote Splash

Jump into a hidden cenote for a swim that feels like you've discovered a secret world.

16. Take Flight with Flyboarding

The ocean’s your playground, and with flyboarding, you can even conquer the sky.

17. Lobster Love

Why not turn your yacht into a floating fine-dining restaurant? Lobster tail, anyone?

18. Be the Captain

Ever wondered what it's like to steer a yacht? Ask for a quick lesson if your vessel is of the sailing variety.

19. Mangrove Maze

Sail through these incredible water channels for a quiet moment with nature.

20. Moonlit Dance Floor

When the stars come out, why not turn your deck into the hottest club in the Caribbean?

21. Star-Glazing

Wrap up your day by counting stars and making wishes. Because, why not?


There you go! A smorgasbord of options for your one-day yacht charter in Cancun. Mix and match to your heart's content. No matter what you pick, it's bound to be a day you'll treasure forever. So, which ones are you adding to your sea-day bucket list? 🛥️


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