Embark on a 7-day yachting journey from the glamorous Cabo San Lucas, through picturesque towns and islands, ensuring every day is filled with adventure, bonding, and unforgettable memories. Dive in, and let us chart your course through the ultimate family vacation!

Cameron Chittick

Day 1: Cabo San Lucas

Begin your journey in Cabo San Lucas, your family will be excited to discover the yacht, explore its rooms and amenities. In the afternoon, take a family trip to the city center and visit the interactive natural history museum, Cabo Discovery Kids, for a fun and educational experience.

Day 2: Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos

Set sail towards Todos Santos, a charming coastal town. It's known for its thriving arts scene and beautiful beaches where the kids can enjoy a surf lesson at Los Cerritos Beach, while parents can explore local art galleries. Enjoy dinner onboard prepared by your personal chef.

Day 3: Todos Santos to La Paz

Cruise to La Paz and visit the Whale Museum, providing an educational experience for the whole family. Later, visit the city's beautiful beaches such as Balandra Beach, perfect for a family picnic and water activities.

Day 4: La Paz to Espiritu Santo Island

Make way to Espiritu Santo Island, a UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve. This day offers a fantastic family adventure with a snorkeling trip to see the playful sea lion colony and the diverse marine life.

Day 5: Espiritu Santo Island to Isla Partida

Sail to Isla Partida, a tranquil island perfect for family bonding. Explore the hidden caves on a guided kayak tour, and engage in a family beach treasure hunt.

Day 6: Isla Partida to Bahía de los Sueños

Cruise to Bahía de los Sueños, with its calm waters it's an ideal spot for a family beach day. Enjoy a picnic prepared by the yacht's chef and try fun water toys available on your yacht.

Day 7: Bahía de los Sueños to Cabo San Lucas

Sail back to Cabo San Lucas. Enjoy a family movie night under the stars on the deck of your yacht. Upon arrival, there will be time for a farewell family dinner at one of the city's family-friendly restaurants.


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